When training on finger boards, campus boards, and on training boards such as JP4 or JP6, edges should always be held with fingers SEMIARCHED WITHOUT USING YOUR THUMB, in fact using the arched position with your thumb is no good for 2 reasons:

Too much angle creates a greater overload on your first and second finger joints. (phalanges) (traumatic!)

Your thumb creates a mechanical block, thus stopping the highly training stimulus of the muscle which tries to contract the hand which has a tendency to open (not very good training)

The same thing can be said in the following way:

YOUR HAND STRETCHES OUT SO AS TO MAKE YOUR PINKY HOLD (this rule is only applicable in training, not on rock) in fact the position which enables you to keep your fingers stretched out is not good since most of the strain is supported by the skinís friction on the edge and the fingerís flexor almost does not contract as well as the tendon being overloaded (thus not very trainable and is traumatic).  



                             Right hold                               

                         Wrong hold                                

                       Wrong Hold


When you train by hanging with both your hands it is important to create a contrast of power between the two hands, externally towards the inside.  








The training shown on this website can cause serious damage to your body, especially to your muscular skeletric apparatus, and in certain subjects it can also affect the cardiovascular system. 

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