From 12 to 25 movements.

Between the concept of power and endurance lurks this obscure category. The table shown earlier, which shows the number of reps and maximum power seriously questions the intrinsic value of this concept :not taking into consideration co-ordination factors, if up to 15/20 movements we manage to consecutively repeat an exercise depends on max. power how can this amount have a value in itself? 

Up to a certain amount of movements ENDURANCE= POWER.

If I lift 100kg once, I can lift 53kg 12 times. If I cannot lift 53 kg (which could be my weight) 12 times I cannot complain of having no endurance, simply a low maximum effort.In rock climbing unfortunately (or fortunately) having a lot of power will not guarantee high endurance/strength since climbing is predominantly technique-flow orientated.If I place a foot badly, or place my body wrongly or I don’t see the crux hold, the intensity of my every single movement will increase exponentially tiring me out after a few movements.The areas that need work on are co-ordination skills, the right level of anxiety, together with a large amount of maximum power. I am fed up of hearing people complaining: “I have no strength, I have to train for it” from people who are obviously not good enough at climbing and burn up all their energy in a few moves when they could use that energy to climb metres after metres of hard routes.






The training shown on this website can cause serious damage to your body, especially to your muscular skeletric apparatus, and in certain subjects it can also affect the cardiovascular system. 

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